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Ground Control Management Software Engineer

Oklahoma City, OK
SourcePro Search is conducting a search for a Ground Control Management Software Engineer.

Job Description:
  • Design, develop, and test the Control Management System (CMS) inside the Ground Control System (GCS)  Unmanned Air System (UAS)
  • The CMS is a real-time mission planning system to enable an operator to create new flight plans for the aircraft based on changes in tasking or adapt to changes in the
  • Define the CMS requirements, software architecture, component breakdown, and interfaces
  • Create a real-time mission planning workflow and identify all required algorithms and mission planning tools
  • Write code for the control management system including a GUI showing the aircraft and flight path on a 3D Moving Map with multiple layers of data
  • Write code to interface with outside data sources and display on the moving map (e.g. wind/weather, tasking, map data, terrain data, airspace data, etc.)
  • Write code to enable an operator to optimize the flight path of the aircraft based on real-time onboard data feeds and external data feeds
  • Write code to simulate aircraft 6-DOF flight performance
  • Write code for various tools to support mission planning of aircraft flight operations
  • Write code to interface with the air-vehicle command and control (AVC2) terminal to capture real-time telemetry from the aircraft and upload new flight plans.
  • Develop a test, verification, and validation environment

Required Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in Engineering or Computer Science
  • Experience developing ground control system software for unmanned aircraft
  • Strong coding skills. Must be proficient in writing code for aerospace applications (this job requires you to write code and review/approve the code of others)
  • Experience with aircraft flight planning
  • Knowledge of aircraft flight dynamics
  • Knowledge of aircraft command and control functions and HMI display requirements
  • Experience developing tools on top of COTS 3D moving maps (e.g. Worldwind, Cesium)
  • Demonstrated history across all aspects of the systems engineering process: requirements development, design, development, integration, test, verification, and validation

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience writing code for aircraft flight path optimization
  • Experience writing code for aircraft 6-DOF flight simulation
  • Background supporting UAV flight tests
  • Experience with UAS mission requirements and CONOPS
  • Experience with weather/wind forecast models
  • Experience with typical UAV sensors (e.g. EOIR, Radar)
  • Experience with UAV communications equipment including Satcom
  • Preferred Tools / Process Experience
    C#, .Net, C++, SCADE, Matlab/Simulink
Team Center
Search Keywords
Software Engineer
Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV)
Unmanned Air System (UAS)
Ground Control System (GCS)


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